This label by Yukie Kanehiro and Misa Kobayashi became embedded in my radar several years back. I love buying into the notion of being a serious, suit-donned character during daylight hours and a high excitement, high grade human wearing Otonatoy when outside. Clothes have a plaything aspect, I expect. There’s a good selection in Hoyajuku (to the left on the ground floor) of LaForet and more recently in Dog boutique and Parco department store.

The level of imagination that goes into these designs is invincible. They even do cuts that are saurian in fabric suitable for daydreams. Really. Presenters of television news could create a new omnipresent reality by wearing these weapons of mass pacification during their broadcasts. Otona means ‘adult’ in Japanese (大人). It’s full grown wonder all right and so it’s ace to witness this brand’s growth. Go! Go! Go!




The latest designs at Koenji’s Macaronic