Mikio Sakabe

Mikio Sakabe. These clothes are super fun. They have a sense of incongruity, which puts humour into them where nothing especially laughable is present. There’s nothing ironic about them. They’re not hysterical. There’s just something mixed and matched that works well. It’s the detail, the oh-so-polished detail, contrasted with feeling deliberately unfinished. Dull and bright. Tight and massive. Delicate and bold. These misalignments create an aesthetic of playfulness and imagination.

A giant orb in the middle of the room had been radiating a flattering violet light while the crowd listened to classical piano music. Suddenly the orb turned yellow like the sun and bass blasted into the audience so loud that it rattled the seats. The models were dabbled with sunburn, raised high on a platform so that their shoes were on full display… and those shoes.



Clown style is here! New angles, new cuts, overdosing on creativity, imagination, playfulness. Clown-esque fun!


I also very much enjoyed the ‘angel’ dress:


Plus this dress:



You can watch the whole show here. Thanks Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

Every so often I call into LaForet just to see what Mikio Sakabe is on the rack in Wall. It’s not always practical. I tried on a voluminous net skirt way too gigantic to wear without going everywhere by taxi! In my dreams I’m lolling in it. But more often than not if not practical, it’s a covetable choice.