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For a first day attending Tokyo Fashion Week, having to go to the immigration office around noon was an antithesis, immigration isn’t exactly a place known for its avant-garde designs and glamour. However, I spotted a few. Most notably a South American lady sporting a gorgeous bejewelled pink woollen hat.

Many hours later, I was back at the Hikarie, back in a queue to enter Room B, back to face standing room at the back. It seemed surreal to be there after the monotony of Shinagawa immigration (though also it was surreal to be at the immigration office in a floor-sweeping black velvet cocktail dress). With my new visa safely in my Kawa Kawa handbag, the show began. The hideousness of waiting in queues was over.

Initial thoughts on ByU were: Edwardian tea-party. The collars and hats had that air about them. The layers of white ruffles, if not flattering to the figure as trousers rather than as a skirt (both white and ruffles accentuate curves), were petticoat-like.

It’s a style which becomes slender Japanese figures when surrounded by the blossom of hanami parties. It beats the beigeness, also flattering to Asian skin tones and hair, seen around. Very feminine and sweet with huge skirts like Christmas.