TOKYO FASHION WEEK SS2016 – Hiroko Koshino

If not psychedelic, what? An aesthetic we can barely begin to comprehend, another layer, shape-shifting, trans-modern. It has a certain vitality: it’s ambient.

Hiroko Koshino tapped in to that verisimilar aesthetic. It’s far from 1960’s psychedelia, evokes the confidence of the digital know yourself psychedelic, yet it’s way beyond. Ultra-modern. These clothes say now. Not a trace of uploading into the present. Not outlandish. Just chic.

A mix of bright colors and bold silhouettes flowed down the runway, followed shortly by white and white cut-out dresses. The cut around the top of the arm was flattering for those with extra flesh. In summer both cover and airflow would be welcomed. Skirts were delicate and bold like upturned flora. Tights were jazzy. It was a very practical collection on the one hand; white on the other. Fragile yet definite. Simple yet powerful in a way that escapes.


You can see the whole show from the official MBTFW here.