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TOKYO FASHION WEEK SS2016 – Saturday, October 18th 2015: Zin Kato, KBF


First out of today was swirling coconut oil around my mouth to take the toxins away from under the gums. It’s meant to make you more energetic. Then I went to Hikarie to see Zin Kato. There was an elegant black dress with beading like a spider’s web that leapt out. Plus the way shoulders were incorporated into the designs I liked a lot too. There were maribou feathers at the Achille’s heel that perhaps could turn into one of those weird trends that aren’t practical. The sandals were beautiful though. Gold. Trying to imagine feathers at my heel made me think not of Mercury/Hermes but of them ending up distraught, caked in blood and mud, trampled and weary. It looked good with the head-dresses and shimmery fabrics.

After the show it was time to make new acquaintances and catch up with old. Sometimes I¬†wonder how being shy comes across to other people. Do they realize it or do they think that I’m arrogant or rude? I try not to be those things. I wish that I could be less shy and more outgoing like back in the day. A kind of fear grips my heart that once it didn’t.



I took the train to Sendagaya and walked to Chichibunomaya Rugby Stadium. Was directed along Aoyama Dori to the roar of the nearby baseball ground. At the end of the queue, someone scanned my ticket, and I was directed to join it. Other people were sent to different places. Eventually, when we were ushered into the stadium, the rows were right there beneath the seating area of the arena. Clambering onto a railing provided a better view.

The setting was urban – fitting for a brand of the Urban Research store. The stewards wore lab coats. It was ultra social scientific. Under the seating area was a little like a carpark. Interestingly, the people who were there seemed less involved with fashion than at other shows. Invitations were scented, smell is a powerful mnemonic, whoever works in their marketing and PR knows not only how to keep the product alive but how to get it out there.

I was in the role of ‘member of the public’ for all of fashion week. I’d stood in the queue to get into shows instead of using my pass. This time I used the invitation.

Last time round KBF was savanna-themed with gorgeous sweater dresses. It was wearable not radical. This time round again it was super about comfort on hot summer days. There were shift dresses and long, airy chiffon coats. It was brilliant. The brickworked backdrop gave it a durable and long-lasting impression. I feel I need KBF in my wardrobe. Other labels I want without being duped into feeling they’re needed. It was skulduggery. Effective.



Tonight i didn’t really want to go to Yoshikimono, the final show, though my hands were gross as I passed so I went inside Hikarie to wash them. These actions resulted in bumping into a couple of people. It was crowded though the guess was trying to get into the show would be worth it. I made the mistake of asking an official about the press pass that I probably should’ve collected sooner if it existed. I was sent to a desk where a woman yelled at me in Japanese. She was clearly stressed. A man behind me explained that she’d said I should go back to the place before. When I got there, I was put with a group of models in a similar situation. We were taken back to the desk where in the end we were given the X sign. The doors closed. It was acceptable. There were plenty of lovely people outside to share a few moments with. If only it were possible to write about physically witnessing the kimono. In English.

When the crowds came out, a few celebrities were accosted for selfies taken with them. It reminded me of the first occasion that I saw the word ‘selfie’ – Tyler the Creator in 2011 or 2012 being bombarded by fans wanting to take a picture of themselves with him. It seemed a fitting word at the time. The glory of proof you met a stranger whose face you knew seems a strange and self-centered act (though being selfish can be a productive thing). It must be flattering for a while to have it happen or if you need a boost it must be reassurance. Over and over again though? No thanks! Keeping watch was enough.

KBF first look
KBF first look
Yoshiki fans straining to hear him play actual notes
Yoshiki fans straining to hear him play actual notes